September 2000
 From The Editor  
 Featured Stories:
 Prehistoric Stone Fort
 Hanging of Jordan Taylor
 When The James Boys Rode
 From Maine To KY (Part 1)
 The Men Of Okinawa
 Yonts Brothers In WWII
 "Daniel Boon" (Pt. 2)
 Folktales: Holding A Cow By The Tail
 Kentucky 1879 State Gazetteer
 News Notes From 1890
 Strictly Kentucky Genealogy (Pt. 2)
 Collins' Historical Sketches
 Kentucky Kinfolks
 Genealogy Help Line
 "I Remember": By Our Readers
Miscellaneous Thumbnails:
Jesse James: Nimrod Long Bank Jesse James: Courthouse Weathervane
Jesse James: Holdup Mural  Men of Okinawa: Battlefield Buddies
From Maine to KY: Early Maine School Room From Maine to KY: Mabel & Ethel Applebee
From Maine to KY: Applebee Home in Maine Jesse James: History Marker
From Maine to KY: Chandler Normal Directors Men of Okinawa: Harold Doughtery
Yonts Bros. in WWII: Yonts Family, 1942 Yonts Bros. in WWII: Curtis, Ralph & James
Yonts Bros. in WWII: Clyde Yonts Yonts Bros. in WWII: Harold R. Yonts
"Daniel Boon, Part 2:" Boone's Missouri Grave Neal "Pop" Collins
"Pop" Eckler & the Young'uns, 1937 Mountain Melody Boys, 1934
Curley Collins, 1938 Tom's Branch School, 1938
Dycusburg, KY, pre-1906 Lincoln Boundary Oak
Catlettsburg Flood, 1937 Flanders School, 1941
Vicco Basketball Team, 1934-35 Adkins Family Outing, 1905