Daughters of John R. & Evaline Farris

These are the 12 daughters of John R. Farris (1844-1933) and Evaline P. Crawford Farris (1845-1935) of Salem, Kentucky. Front row, l-r: Linnie Bryant; Addie, 1886-1968; Lucy; and Eva. Second row, l-r: Lake Doom, 1871-1907; Lillie Phillips, 1872-1961; Maggie Threlkeld, 1875-1964; and Rosa Pierce, 1876-1970. Back row, l-r: Cora Sexton, 1869-1924; Ada Carlton, 1868-1952; Georgia Pierce, 1867-1934; and Hattie Moxley, 1899-1970. The dresses were all handmade by the girls themselves, except, for Addie, who was blind. Photo submitted by Hazel Robertson, 420 Alley Lane, Salem, KY 42078.