Pleasant Hill School, Marion County, 1912-13

Pleasant Hill School, 1912-1913, Agnes Lanham (teacher): Students, front row, l-r: Henry Riley, Thomas Hays, Johnny Riley, Jimmy Riley, Shelby Burns, Clarence Whitehouse, Garnett Edwards, and Ray Isham. Second row, l-r: Mattie Lee Burns, Robert Whitehouse, Nelson Hays, Wallace Hays, Ivy Young, Florence Isham, Frances Hays, Minnie Burns, William Edwards, Hugh Bagwell, and Clarence Lanham. Third row, l-r: Bertha Hays, Margie Bagwell, Flossie Bagwell, Gracie Burns, Ezra Whitehouse, Walter Nelson, May Riley, Virgie Burns, Gilbert Inman, Margie Bottoms, Omays Hays, Zula Isham, Opal Edwards, Ethel Burns, and Gilvie Burns. Back row, l-r: Glen Bagwell, Edward Walston, Basil Nelson, Virgil Daugherty, Michael Hays, Ethel Isham, Hildred Bagwell, Thelma Nelson, and Alvin Glasscock.