June 2000
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 Kentucky Pioneers As Tradesmen
 "Gentle Giant" Comes To Bulan
 Mill's Point In The 1840s
 Perryville Battlefield Revisited
 The Town Of Berry, Early 1900s
 Eastern Kentucky's Duff Family
 West Point's Fort Duffield
 Pleasant Hill School Reunion
 Violent Crimes In Kentucky, 1878
 "Molly O'Day" Was A Kentuckian
 Researching The Stewart Family
 Collins' Historical Sketches
 Kentucky Kinfolks
 Genealogy Help Line
 "I Remember:" By Our Readers
 Dr. John J. Dickey's Diary (conclusion)
Miscellaneous Thumbnails:






 Fugate School, Grades 1-8, 1957-58

 Craft School, Morgan County, ca. 1911

 (1)-Robert Wadlow in Perry County, 1940

 (2)-Robert Wadlow in Perry County, 1940

 Hickman, Fulton County, ca. 1910






 (1)-Town Of Berry, Harrison County

 (2)-Town Of Berry, Along Fourth Street

 (3)-Town Of Berry, South Fork of Licking River

 Duff Family: Daniel Duff's Bible

 Memory Hill Cemetery at Fort Duffield





 Daniel Duff Memorial, Caney, Morgan County

 Duff Family: Carlie Davidson, Postcard View

 Duff Family: Dulcenia Davidson, 1922

 Pike County's "Molly O'Day"






 Pleasant Hill School, Marion County, 1912-13

 West Point, as seen from Fort Duffield, 1999

 Stone Coal School, Garrett, 1934

 Myers Ridge School, Cumberland County, 1939

 Mt. Eden High School, Class of 1927






 The 12 Daughters of John R. Farris, Salem

 Rev. Manford Ritchie conducts a baptism