May 2000
Featured This Month:  
 Days Of The CCC, 1937
 Brooksville Railroad, Late 1800s
 Origins Of Kentucky's County Courts
 The 1930 Kentucky Derby
 1937 Flood (Henderson Co.)
 A History Of Stearns
 Early Writers At Mammoth Cave
 Hazard, Perry County, 1920-40 (Pt.1)
 Hoffman's Travels (Conclusion)
 Letters To The Explorer
 John J. Dickey's Diary
Miscellaneous Thumbnails:






 Brooksville RR Track Extension

 First Run of the "Vance", 1897

 Brooksville Railroad Passenger Car

 Brooksville Depot, ca. 1923

 1937 Flood At Paducah






 1937 Flood At Louisville

 CCC Camp #1540 at Henderson

 CCC Camp #1540 at Audubon St. Park

 Company #1508 at Cedar City

 Company #1508 at Cedar City






 Zion National Park, Utah

 Kentucky's Last Streetcar

 A 1930 View Of Stearns

 Writers At Mammoth Cave

 Big Sandy Timber Trade



 Robert Patterson Cabin