April 2000
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 Letters To The Kentucky Explorer
 Hanging of Nelson County's George Roberts
 Folktales: The Old Farmer Was a Miser
 1834 Travels Through Southeast Kentucky
1940 Walking Tour Of High Bridge
 The Shelbyville Interurban Line
 1879 Kentucky Gazetteer
 Collins' Historical Sketches Of Kentucky
 Dr. John J. Dickey's Diary
 I Remember: By Our Readers
 Family Reunions & Announcements
 Kentucky Explorer Classified Ads
Miscellaneous Thumbnails:






 Luther & Emma Holland, ca, 1915

 Meade "Crick" Aubrey

 Clarence "Joe" Aubrey

 William M. Stanberry, late 1800s

 Capt. Amos Poe, Bracken County, 1800s






 Webb Family, Owen County, 1903

 Henry Deye Family, ca. 1900

 Francis Marion & Louisa A. Patrick, ca. 1900

 Henery K. & Becky Maginnes Mullins

 Glass Family, Scott/Owen County, early 1900s



 Eli & Clara Gray, Laurel County, ca. 1900