March 2001

 "Uncle Charlie" Richmond Story
 Pike County's Newsome Boys
 From Maine To Kentucky (final)
 The Life Of Filmmaker David Griffin
 Assassination Of Major Hamilton
 Carter County's Erwin Family
 Old & New: Camp Nelson Bridge
 Remembering Alice G. Lloyd
 John Cunningham: Civil War Preacher
 Kentucky State Gazetteer, 1879
 Genealogy From Long Ago, 1890s
 Strictly Kentucky Genealogy
 Letters To The Editor
 NEW FEATURE: "The Seed Bin"
 Dave's New Book On Captain Bill Strong

March 2001 Table Of Contents

Page 2 - More About Thee Pigg & Family

Page 3 - Table of Contents

Page 4 - Story Location Map

Page 5 - Letters to the Editor (Part 1)

Page 10 - A Booming Louisville, 150 Years Ago

Page 12 - The "Uncle Charlie" Richmond Story

Page 15 - Cave Johnson, Kentucky Pioneer

Page 18 - Happy 99th Birthday, Kennie Wireman!

Page 19 - Roberts Folk Tales: "Wolves, Painters & B'ars"

Page 20 - Pike County's Newsome Boys In WWII

Page 24 - From Maine To Kentucky (conclusion)

Page 27 - Kentucky's History Road Markers

Page 28 - Filmmaker, David W. Griffith

Page 32 - Kentucky Counties: Adair County

Page 36 - Assassination Of Major A. G. Hamilton

Page 39 - Grandparenting In Whitley County

Page 42 - The Erwin Family Of Carter County

Page 45 - Recollections Of Gladys Searcy Woods

Page 47 - The Old And The New: Camp Nelson Bridge

Page 49 - Hanging Of Floyd Frazier

Page 50 - The David Henry Craig Family

Page 51 - Kentucky Explorer Web Sites

Page 52 - Wit-n-Wisdom

Page 53 - Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer

Page 55 - Dr. Gordon Wilson: "Stone Bruises"

Page 56-57 - Centerfold: Readers Share Their Photos

Page 58 - Remembering Alice Geddes Lloyd

Page 61 - Public Transportation In Bowling Green

Page 64 - Folk Tales Are Making A Comeback

Page 65 - Earl Combs: A Kentucky Legend

Page 66 - A Preacher's Experiences During The Civil War

Page 68 - Collins' 1878 Historical Sketches

Page 70 - Old-Time Recipes

Page 71 - Word Puzzle: Kentucky Springs

Page 72 - Kentucky Genealogy Help Line

Page 78 - Genealogy From The Long Ago, 1890s

Page 80 - March 2001 Events To Enjoy

Page 82 - "I Remember:" By Our Readers

Page 97 - Strictly Kentucky Genealogy

Page 99 - Letters to the Editor (conclusion)

Page 104 - Family Reunions & Announcements

Page 106 - Kentucky Explorer Book Page

Page 108 - Kentucky Explorer Classified Ads

Page 112 - Louisville's 1929 American Legion Parade

Miscellaneous Thumbnails

These are just a few of the many photos found this month in the March 2001 issue. Get your copy today at your favorite newsstand.

For a larger photo with full captions, just click on the thumbnail.

Loggers Near Monticello, ca. 1908

Thee Pigg & Family, late 1920s

New Camp Nelson Bridge, From Garrard Co.

Isaac Richmond & Family, late 1800s

Lexington, Kentucky, taken ca. 1875

Chandler Normal School, 2000

Tomb Of David Griffith at Centerville, KY

Griffith House at La Grange, KY

1951 Breathitt County Baseball Team

1911 Harlan County Tennis Team

S. Main Street, ca. 1910, Morganfield, KY

Steve Erwin Boardinghouse, ca. 1925

Main Street, Brooksville, ca. 1915

Camp Nelson Bridges, From Jessamine Co.

Filmmaker David Wark Griffith, ca. 1915

The Steve Erwin Family, taken ca. 1903

Sketch of Major A. G. Hamilton

Train Depot at Horse Branch, 1932

Main Street, Nicholasville, taken in 1910

1929 American Legion Parade, Louisville

Alice Lloyd Founder's Shack, Knott County

Teachers' Home, Chandler Normal School

James Meadors Family, Whitley Co., 1895

"Uncle Charlie" Richmond, late 1800s

Newspaperman, W. S. Wallen, mid-1900s

Alice Geddes Lloyd, College Founder